Q: Are there only two units?


A: Yes. If you were to rent both units, you will be the sole occupants of the property.

Q: If I only rent one of the units, what's shared?


A: While each unit has its own private, ocean-facing outdoor space (as shown in the respective floorplans; see Top Unit or see Bottom Unit), there are some areas that are shared.

Shared amenities include the raised beachside deck that sits atop our seawall, the outdoor shower, the gate and stairs to/from the beach, the laundry facility, and much of the ocean/beach gear. See the Shared Amenities page for details.

Thick concrete walls and ceilings mean that noise between the units is virtually non-existent. That said, outdoor noise can travel, and so a basic level of respect is expected, not only for the sake of occupants of the other unit, but also for our neighbors.

Q: What is the beach & ocean out back like?


A: It's called Sandy Beach. It's Rincón's most famous beach. And it's awesome! The strip of sand between our seawall and the ocean's edge is often 100+ feet deep, and the beach runs for miles to our east. Just a few hundred feet to our west, the formidable Punta Gorda rock forms an otherworldly backdrop.

As for the ocean, the answer largely depends on the season. In the summer, the water generally lays quite flat and is good for swimming, rafting, stand-up paddleboarding, etc. The bottom is all sand. In winter - and to a lesser extent, fall and spring - we receive pretty regular swell that produces great surfing waves. Click here to view an area surf map.

Q: Can I host an event?


A: No. We do not allow parties or events involving non-guests.

Q: How's the reservation process work?


A: The reservation process is as simple as 1-2-3:

1.) Contact Us to receive a quote and a link to your customized online rental agreement.

2.) Complete/Submit your online rental agreement. We'll secure your dates on our calendar, send a PayPal invoice for a 25% non-refundable deposit via PayPal, and then email your confirmation with directions, lockbox code, etc.

3.) Remit payment - again via PayPal - for your balance 60 days prior to your scheduled arrival date, and you're all set!

Q: Where's Sandy Beach Paradise located??


A: Click here to see us on Google Maps.

Most familiar with the region would agree that the "Puntas" area (i.e. barrio) is Rincón's heart-and-soul. At that soul sits the legendary beachfront restaurant/bar, Tamboo. Sandy Beach Paradise is a mere 150 feet from Tamboo.

Q: What's the weather like?


A: Click here to see our monthly temperature and rainfall averages.

Aside from the averages, there are two weather patterns predictable enough to warrant further explanation. First, the winter sees an abundance of surf, energy that generally originates from storms far north in the Atlantic. Second, many summer days see a mid-afternoon storm lasting a few hours. The vast majority of days - even in summer - see an abundance of sun sandwiched around the fairly brief shower. 

Q: Which airport?


A: There are two primary options, plus a hybrid third option.

Option #1: Aguadilla (BQN): only a 40 minute drive to/from the house, so if you can do it, BQN is the obvious choice. But Aguadilla's limited routes and odd, middle-of-the-night flight times can be deterrents for some.

Option #2: San Juan (SJU): the gateway to the entire Caribbean, SJU offers dozens of flights daily and is a 2.5 hour drive to/from the house.

Option #3: San Juan (SJU) + Mayaguez (MAZ): if SJU's flight options are appealing but the drive to Rincón is not, you may consider adding a 40-minute SJU-to-MAZ flight via Cape Air. From Mayaguez, the drive to the house is a mere 30 minutes.

Q: Do I need a car?


A: Our location in the heart of Puntas absolutely makes renting a vehicle optional. With a small market a few hundred feet away, six restaurants within easy walking distance, an endless stretch of white sand and waves right out back, some may desire nothing more.

But if you care to soak in the area's other great charms - farmer's markets, Rincón's famous Thursday night Art Walk, area waterfalls, snorkeling Tres Palmas Marine Reserve, bars and restaurants that are nearby but a bit beyond walking distance - you will want to strongly consider renting a vehicle. There are area taxi services, but scheduled pickups are necessary.